5 Tips for Winning a School Election

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In “How to Rock an Election,” Kacey Simon runs against Molly and Kevin for class president. When Kacey realizes how heated the competition is, she promises her classmates that she can get Big Time Rush to perform at their school!

At the end of the campaign, Kacey dropped out of the race and threw her support to Kevin who ultimately ended up winning. She realized just how difficult a student election can be! But we’ve got five tips for rocking an election if you decide to run! See below:

  1. Figure out the issues that need to be addressed, and address them. What do you and other students at your school want/need? More parking spaces, a new vending machine, a bigger budget for prom? Talk to as many other students as you can and then write out a list of the thing(s) you’d make a priority if you won. Also, be prepared to speak to any of the things on the list (even if they’re not your priority) because they might come up in debates.
  2. Come up with a catchy slogan. Think of a witty and fun one that will get people talking and grab their attention when they walk by your posters. Some fun ones we’ve seen: “Don’t be shy, Give (name) a try,” “Bank on me. Will treasure your vote.” Get more ideas for slogans.
  3. Enlist friends to help. Have a poster-making party. Get friends to hand out flyers around school. Start a Twitter and/or Facebook campaign encouraging people to share your update (and their endorsement!) with others. The more people working for you, the better!
  4. Give away freebies … within reason. As long as your school is cool with it, hand out small items to people while campaigning. Some ideas include buttons, pens, key chains, candy, etc. Make sure they’re not too extravagant because you don’t want people thinking you’re handing out bribes for votes. CafePress.com is a good site where you can have some of these things made.
  5. Write a good speech and be prepared to debate. Address your specific issues (see #1) and state your plan for changing them. (Tips for giving a campaign speech) When debating, remember to respect your opponent and focus on the amazing things YOU can do! (Tips on debating)

Have you run for student government? Tell us about it in a comment below!


  1. sarah Said:

    I ran and took your advice and then I won!!

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