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Starting your own band like How To Rock‘s Gravity 5? We chatted with Paul DiGiovanni, lead guitarist in the band Boys Like Girls, to get the scoop on everything from creating a successful band to what songs pump him up before a concert!

How To Rock: What advice do you have for teens who want to be rock stars like you guys?

Paul DiGiovanni: Make connections and make friends! You never know who can help you on you way and besides, it’s way more fun to go through life making friends everywhere you go.

HTR: What’s the best way to come up with a band name?

PD: Think of something that’s never been done before. Make sure it is memorable and simple enough to say/spell. Do something that represents your music.

HTR: What are the pros/cons to being in a band, in your opinion?

PD: The pros are traveling, playing shows, recording records, not having a “boss,” and meeting new people every day. The cons would only be missing your family while traveling.

HTR: What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself from being in a band/playing music?

PD: This band has 100% molded me into who I am today. I am a well-seasoned person with a good sense of the entire world and different types of people, which is important!

Check out Paul’s Pump-Up Playlist below (and click the links to hear the songs on Spotify)!

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