Cymphonique’s Back-To-School Advice

Cymphonique at Alton Elementary

Photo Credit: Twitter

Nervous about your new year at school? Cymphonique, star of How To Rock, has some advice: Be yourself! The newly-crowned 16-year-old recently went to Alton Elementary School in Memphis, Tenn., as part of the Let Kids Grow tour to spread that message.

“You gotta be a leader and not a follower,” she told a room full of young fans. “I know that’s hard sometimes but that’s what I stand for: Be Yourself.”

Part of Cymphonique’s visit included handing out prizes for an essay contest. “I’m excited to be here in Memphis at Alton Elementary because [the winner of the essay contest] has made me so proud. As I was saying, knowledge truly is power — they can’t take away from you what is in your mind,” she said.

Later on, Cymphonique told the winning student, “I know how when you were reading the essay up there you got emotional in the beginning. You said people were hating on you and bullying you in the beginning, but I’m so proud of you because you didn’t even let that affect you. You totally brushed it off and said ‘I’m gonna do so well on my essay… I’m just gonna kill this essay, and I’m just gonna try my best.’ You didn’t even let any of those negative vibes or words phase you. And now here you are and all of those people… it’s like none of their words can affect you.”

Cymphonique also told the students how important school is to her: “Even though I’m doing a TV show and doing all of the music stuff, I still gotta do my school work,” she said. “I definitely put education first… and my dad, he makes sure that it gets done too! You’re never too young to make a difference.”

Watch the video below and tell us if you’re going to use Cymphonique’s advice this school year!

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