Check Out Meg Haston’s Must-Read: How To Rock Braces and Glasses!

How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg HastonHow To Rock Braces and Glasses has finally arrived. So what makes it a must-read that bestselling authors like Lisi Harrison and the television geniuses at Nickelodeon can’t resist?

Part of the book’s charm is its unexpected twist. Author Meg Haston knows that not every happily ever involves a sparkly gown and a handsome prince. Sometimes the “happy” part is disguised under not-so-hip elements…like, let’s say, braces and glasses.

That’s how it all starts for Kacey Simon, in How to Rock Braces in Glasses, when a reverse makeover downgrades her from queen bee status at Marquette Middle School to the geek squad. But, as Kacey makes new friends and adjusts to her new lifestyle, she discovers that braces and glasses aren’t a life sentence to dorkdom…it’s all about the way you rock them!

The five top reasons we heart How To Rock:

  1. Kacey is fierce. Even when her friends dismiss her from their popular clique, Kacey doesn’t lose any of her snap snap sass. Get it, girl!
  2. The slammin’ music. Imagine having your own rock band and jamming to hot beats—that’s like cool factor times a thousand!
  3. Zander. Yes, this book is full of super fly honeys, but Zander rules our hearts. Any guy who sees past the superficial stuff is a winner!
  4. The “oh no you didn’t” comebacks. For starters: “WHEN YOU GET REALLY EXCITED, YOUR NOSTRILS FLARE LIKE MISS PIGGY’S!”
  5. No emo vampires or decaying zombies. How to Rock keeps it real with plenty of relatable drama and tons of exciting moments! (In fact, the book’s so amazing, it’s already inspired a TV show that’s scheduled to air on Nickelodeon in 2012!)

How to Rock Braces and Glasses is available now, wherever books are sold. Don’t be the last to rock it! Order your copy today.

What do you look for in a great book? Will you be checking out How to Rock Braces and Glasses? Tell us in the comments!

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