Meet the How to Rock Cast!

Meet the incredible and talented cast of Nickelodeon’s exciting new series, How to Rock! Each cast member is super talented and incredible – get to know more about their character and their favorite hobbies.

Click through and find out whose dad is a super famous hip hop artist, who loves eating pop tarts and which cast member has a giant crush on Selena Gomez.

Cymphonique Miller

Cymphonique is an LA native who's already known for her swaggalicious songs (i.e. the hit "Lil Miss Swaggar") and her work with Be Your Own You organization. She will be bringing her many talents to How to Rock as Kacey Simmon! (Fun fact: Her dad is hip hop mogul Master P and her brother is the super cute singer Romeo!)

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Learn more about Cymphonique here.

Max Schneider

Where have you seen Max before? Posing with Madonna (Madonna!) for a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign! Aside from being a world renowned model and a singing and dancing sensation, Max writes his own music and plays the piano and ukulele. He even recorded an album entitled First Encounters! (Watch out, Justin Timberlake!)

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Learn more about Max here.

Halston Sage

Halston will be playing Grace on How to Rock. Grace is Kacey's ex-bestie and new arch nemesis. But Halston is totally not mean in real life! This pretty gal loves snacking on pop tarts, decorating her room, eating Greek food, watching Father of the Bride II and hanging out with her family! (Psst...her secret celebrity crush is Leonardo DiCaprio!)

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Lulu Antariksa

Lulu will be starring as Kacey's Gravity bandmate Stevie. She loves tea, Hawaiian pizza, and hanging out with her awesome How to Rock cast mates!

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Chris O'Neal

Chris will be playing the likable Kevin on How to Rock. Guess who Kevin has a secret crush on? The fabulous Selena Gomez!

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Samantha Boscarino

Samantha will be playing Grace's bestie Molly on How to Rock. Where have you spotted Samantha before? Tyra Banks's produced movie The Clique of course! She also guest-starred on JONAS, True Jackson, VP, and Wizards of Waverly Place.

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Noah Crawford

Noah will be playing Kacey's geeky yet cute bandmate Nelson. This Oklahoma cutie has made appearances on True Jackson, VP, Land of the Lost, and Pair of Kings. He even earned a Young Artist Award nomination in 2007 for his guest-starring role on My Name is Earl! (FYI...don't challenge his dad to a game of ping pong because you will get owned!)

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Which How to Rock cast member do you think you’re most like? Tell us in the comments!

Watch How to Rock on Nickelodeon Saturday nights at 8:30/7:30c!


  1. marcelo Said:

    I’d say Lulu is my crush, it’s just something about her that’s just awesome and cool

  2. acne Said:

    I’m not real wonderful with English but I find this truly leisurely to know

  3. cools Said:

    There all hot!!!!!!!!!!!! Like super hot (the girls that is)

  4. Kayshaun Said:

    I have a crush on Cymphonique she really is beautiful actor and a pretty girl.

  5. Nisha Said:

    I think I’ve fallen in love with Max Schneider because he is so good looking xx

  6. tee' Said:

    kevin is so cutee♡♥♡♥

  7. omgomg Said:

    the guy with the light brown hair is -girly voice- HOT i wuv him lol

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