Meg Haston Tells You How To Deal When You’re Feeling Ugly

There’s not a girl on the planet who hasn’t had a fugly day at some point. You know what I mean: a terrible bang trim, a pimple the size of a small yet powerful nation. But even though we’d rather spend our fugly days locked away from society, we still have to get out there. Remember work, school? Yeah. Those things are still happening despite our fugliness.

Here are 5 ways to deal with feeling fugly by How to Rock Braces and Glasses author Meg Haston via!

5. Treat yourself. There’s nothing quite like that first look in the mirror when you realize that it’s one of those days. Maybe your skin has summoned a rebel zit army to defeat you. Maybe you’re just feeling generally blah. Make sure to do the little things you know make you feel good—putting on a cute outfit, going for a run, getting an iced coffee on your way to class. Those things will help boost your mood, which is the best defense against the forces of fugliness.

4. There’s nothing like a good distraction. Desperate times call for fashion-forward measures, girls. If your hair just isn’t working, you can distract with a colorful head wrap. If you’re just generally feeling down, wear a bright pop of color. And nothing beats a fab piece of statement jewelry to distract. If all else fails, yelling HEY, LOOK OVER THERE, IT’S JUSTIN BIEBER might buy you a few seconds of peace.

3. Don’t call yourself out. Weirdly enough, when we’re feeling self-conscious about something, we can tend to call ourselves out on it right away. Probably because we want to make sure that we make fun of it before somebody else does. But chances are—the thing that’s making you feel like a Super Fug feels like a way bigger deal to you than to anyone else. So resist the urge to bring attention to it—and you might be surprised. Maybe nobody will notice!.

2. Get active. When we’re feeling less than our best, it can be easy to want to dive under the covers and hide. But research shows that getting our heart rate up—dancing, exercising, lip-locking with a hottie —improves our mood by releasing these feel-good chemicals into our brain. It’s science, people. So get moving, and you’re sure to feel better.

1. There’s a hot day right around the corner.  If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still feeling less than awesome, remember: there’s a hot day RIGHT around the corner. If you need a little reminder, tape a slammin’ picture of yourself to your mirror. That’s you, baby. And tomorrow is another day.

How do you deal with fugly days? Tell us in a comment below!


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