Meg Haston Tells You How To Deal With Rumors

“I love rumors. What else am I supposed to do with my free time if not devour back issues of Us Weekly for the latest and greatest of celebrity breakups, baby bumps, and fashion disasters? But when the rumor hits a little closer to home — like when it’s about you — that can seriously suck.” – Meg Haston

How to Rock Braces and Glasses author Meg Haston created this video for on how to deal with an unavailable crush. Some tips she shares:

5. Minimize the drama, mama. If someone at school or work is spreading lies about you, it’s probably tempting to get back at her. Before you go there, Stop. Breathe. And think about it. Making the situation even more dramatic by, say, spreading rumors about her is not the way to go. Trust me, it will just make things worse, and you’ll look like a catty chick in the process.

4. Set the story straight. I hate to break it to you, but there will probably be somebody out there who believes the rumor. That won’t feel good. You can’t control gossip, but you can focus on making sure your real friends know the truth. Set the story straight with the people closest to you.

3. Build up your friend fortress. Lean on your real friends for support when the rumor mill is pumping. They’ll be there. And if you feel like you don’t have enough super supporters in your life, go out and get ‘em, girl! Join a club, volunteer, get a part time job doing something you love—surround yourself with good peeps, and they’ll help you feel better when you’re down.

2. Be assertive, not aggressive. When you were little, a parent or teacher probably told you “Ignore it and it will go away”. That might work with your annoying little brother, but it might not work with rumors—at least not right away. If you know where the rumor started, talk to the girl or guy who started it. Ask them calmly, and privately—what’s up? Are they upset with you? Is there something you need to talk about? The head gossip will probably be surprised by this technique—and it might get her to ‘fess up about why she’s blabbing. There’s even a chance that this is all a terrible misunderstanding, which means she might apologize. If things start to get heated, though—let it go and walk away.

1. Give ‘em something else to talk about. If, after all this, a rumor is still raging—remember that it will go away eventually. In the meantime, give people something else to talk about—something related to how super-fab you are. When you score the lead in your school’s play, or break the record in French club for most pain au chocolates eaten in one sitting—you’ll get people buzzing. And not in a bad way.

Watch the video below and tell us how you deal with rumors!


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