US Swimmers Rock Braces and Glasses!

Kacey Simon learns How To Rock Braces and Glasses, but why should she have all the fun? We’re giving some of our favorite celebs a How to Rock makeover! Look who’s rocking braces and glasses now . . .

Missy Franklin

17-year-old Missy (aka "the Missle") Franklin won her first title at age 16 in 2011. She's getting praise from some of the great US swimmers including Michael Phelps who said "She's a stud."

Michael Phelps

He broke the world record for most medals ever received at the Olympics, but he has announced this will be his last because he is retiring.

Allison Schmitt

She is known as the jokester on the US swim team, and her teammates including Michael Phelps say they are always smiling when they're around her!

Ryan Lochte

He insisted on wearing a grill when got his first gold medal at the London games, and we had to do a double take because it totally looked like he had braces on!

It’s members of the US Swim team who are taking the London 2012 Olympics by storm! Michael Phelps just broke the world record for taking home the most number of medals in the games… ever! And Missy Franklin, Ryan Lochte, and Allison Schmitt have all had super impressive performances racking up a lot of gold medals for the US.

Oh, and have you seen this video of the entire US Swim team lip-singing to Carly Rae Jepsen‘s catchy tune “Call Me, Maybe?” OMG it’s awesome!

Congrats to everyone on the team and to our honorable braces and glasses wearers. Which celeb(s) do you think we should crown next? Leave your suggestions in a comment below!

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